Q Where is Biotrue available?
A Biotrue is available at most major retailers.
Q What size bottle is Biotrue available in?
A Biotrue is available in 2 oz., 4 oz., and 10 oz. bottles. Some retail stores also carry a two-10 oz. bottle configuration. However, every retailer may not carry all of these sizes.
Q Is Biotrue indicated for soft lenses?
A Yes, Biotrue is for all soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses.
Q Is Biotrue recommended for "No Rub"?
A Biotrue is indicated as a rub regimen. This is the preferred method of cleaning recommended by eye care practitioners.
Q Can I use Biotrue directly in my eye to rewet contact lenses?
A Biotrue is not approved for direct use in the eye.
Q How long can you store your lenses in Biotrue?
A Contact lenses can be stored in Biotrue for up to 30 days in an unopened lens case. If stored longer than 30 days between wear, lenses will need to be cleaned and disinfected prior to use.
Q Can Biotrue be used with extended and daily wear soft lenses?
A Yes, Biotrue is indicated for soft contact lenses included silicone hydrogel lenses.
Q Can Biotrue be used with RGP lenses?
A Biotrue is not indicated for use with GP (RGP) lenses.
Q What is the discard date of Biotrue?
A Discard any remaining solution 90 days after opening the bottle.
Q Who can I contact if I have questions about samples or coupons?
A If your question has not been answered in this FAQ, you can submit any sample or coupon related questions you have at https://try.biotruesolution.com/help